Admin Function

Admin Multisig 0xA5fC0BbfcD05827ed582869b7254b6f141BA84Eb


2-day timelock 0x5b12f04e22384B01f42Ed14Da23eAcd21f14AC17

  • support a new market

  • delist a market

  • collateral factor change

  • price oracle change

  • supply unpause

  • borrow unpause

  • set credit limit

  • set implementation

  • upgrade comptroller admin

No Timelock

  • supply pause

  • borrow pause

  • reserve factor change

  • collateral cap change

  • reduce reserve

  • set interest rate model



  • Set iToken implementation with a 2-day timelock

  • Set iToken admin with a 2-day timelock



In case of emergency, Guardian has part of admin functions without timelock. Guardian is a multisig controlled by the same signers as admin multisig, but it needs only 1 signature to execute the following functions:

  • Pause supply of a specific market

  • Pause borrow of a specific market

  • Pause Flash Loan of a specific market

  • Pause liquidate borrow (seize) of all markets

  • Pause transfer of all cTokens

  • Set supply cap of a specific market

  • Set borrow cap of a specific market

  • Reduce credit limit to $1 for a specific account, preventing it to borrow further without making it a non-credit-limit account

(withdraw and repay of any market cannot be paused)

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